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I advise against using SVG files to route via CNC.
Here is the thread where I originally learned about SVG issues between Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator

Sled DXF with Maslow Triangulation Kit

Based on this I may have to ditch using SVG files. That is, it is a vector format and rendered meaning itís set up for information display not accuracy and across systems how your computer renders it can play havoc with whatís going on. I should have noticed that CorelDraw states - it has a layover .png file. This is my first time using .SVG . I may need to default to .DFX only on the Maslow. What this means to me is if Iím drawing a outline of a moon with a wolf, relative size may not be an issue and I can cut based on that. If Iím making a tabbed box between two computers the tabs may not work. This is not a fault of the design of the file. It is a possible miss-use of the file type. It is explained as a XML format for displaying information from the web. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It was expressly created to render low resolution information and scaled it to your display. So the accuracy between a 640x480 display and 4k display could cause a huge accuracy error. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium since 1999. For dimensional accuracy I will default to CAD files. Itís funny in no way was this what I set out to do today. You never know what you will learn.

These are my observations.

Thank you

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