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The Shapeoko is a good value for performance and price consumer CNC kit. (this is a list of my thoughts and resources based on my experiences)

As a kit you have to put it together and troubleshoot any problems with the build.

Shapeoko is a made up word. I pronounce it "Shape Oko" There is no wrong way as far as I'm concerned.

As of this writing a Standard Shapeoko 3 with Makita Router is $ 1,219.00 This gives you an effective work space of ~ 16 x 16 inches (406.4 x 406.4 mm)

The Shapeoko 3 XXL with Makita Router is $ 1,825.00 This gives you an effective work space of ~ 33 x 33 inches (838.2 x 838.2 mm)

There is also a Shapeoko 3 XL it gives you a gives you an effective work space of ~ 33 x 16 inches (838.2 x 406.4 mm)

Shapeoko 3 Standard
Shapeoko 3 Standard

Summary - Affordable, Repeatable good consumer grade CNC with a good history. The Shapeoko started as an open build hardware platform in the Version 1 & 2


How to start -

If you are new to CNC I suggest reading this book:

Watch some video from Winston Moy:

"More often then I expected someone reaches out to me" - Winston Moy ( & I started by asking him questions too.)

Build documentation :

s3 standard assembly guide:

Help area:

Mfgs Software:

Note unless other wise noted always run Carbide Motion 4


For efficiency we will set a convention of CM = Carbide Motion, CC = Carbide Create

You will need to scroll down to see the guides for CM and CC

CC is free to use to design and create for any CNC, you need nothing else to use it

Skills Required to Operate a CNC:

Other Software:

Things you will need -

Electricity, Stock material, EndMills, Computer, basic home tools (screwdriver, hammer, etc), Post processing tools (this is a fancy way to say sand paper & wood finish of some sort for wood, it may be different for other materials), Work holding (double-sided tape works for some projects, T track or Clamps), Measuring equipment(calipers, tape measure, possibly a dial indicator), Possibly Collets(1/8th inch)

Safety Equipment - Fire Extinguisher, Footwear, Eyewear, Hearing protection, Dust collection system, Enclosure

Computer Requirements:

The minimum requirements for Carbide Motion are: (Carbide Create has the same Requirements)

PC: Windows 7 or newer 4GB of RAM

MAC: Mac/OSX 10.9 or newer 4GB of RAM

Note that your computer will need to have a USB port to connect the machine ― this is in addition to any which may be needed for other peripherals or power. Carbide Motion runs a web server on port 8080 if another application is using this port Carbide motion will not be able to start.



Router brushes, Vwheels, Belts


Everything that is not the Extrusions and Steel frame. The system is subject to wear. The following is a best guess of breakdown over an extreme time line.

Endmills, Waste board, Router Brushes, Vwheels, Belts, Wire, Motors, drag chain, extrusions, frame

Basic End Mill information:

July 2018

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