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Suggested Tools to build the Maslow:

Canít find exactly what else I need besides what comes in kit?

The kit - is a set of fasteners, motors, cables, Arduino mega, Maslow shield, mounting hardware.

Things that are assumed but often 1 or 2 are not in the mix.

Pencil/Pen, measuring tape, power screwdriver, hand saw ( keyhole, japanese, other type ) , set of hand screw drivers, sand paper or sanding block, drill set ( hex mounted drills for power drivers). - with some of the new builds a socket set, adjustable wrench for nuts and bolts.

I strongly suggest adding a box or jar of star drive deck screws for building the frame unless you are making a Unistrut frame.

You may need different bolts to mount your router depending on your sled and sled mount choices.

If going with a dust collector/ wet dry vac you may need extra hoses and hose connections.

The Maslow kit has standoffs and screws for mounting the Meaga Arduino / shield - I preferred to 3D print a holder for the Arduino Mega. It helps to think about where you will put the electronics and route your cables before your build.

I , and I think most mount a Power Strip on the frame some where. I am coming out with a solution for this in the near future that will give you some automated options, more on that later.

If your frame moves like mine does how to get power to it. So an Extension Power Cable.

Then as others mentioned how will you interact with the machine? PC on a cable? In my case Remote to a Raspberry Pi. So Iím mounting it to the machine as well, so I needed to 3D print a case for the Raspberry Pi. So either power for the mounted computer or workstation you will run the Maslow from and connecting cables.

Last 2 things I can think of -

Glue if you will use glue in your frame. I do not. Back up battery power supply. A small power glitch can end up costing a lot of time. Food for thought.

I think that is it.
next step pick a frame:

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