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Linux on a stick or Linux on USB

This is based on a Puppy Linux imaged on Ubuntu 16.04

This has been tested on a wide variety of older PCs & Macs

I have put together a image with all the prerequisites installed on the DO CNC file share page along with the windows program to build the USB stick form Windows.

Please set up and Account at :

It's free and allows us to provide support.

The files needed are here:

For other OS's you can get the proper version for your OS here:

how to video here :

To use the current image download after you build the stick you will need to tell the Computer you are using to boot from USB in the Bios. Most computers have a key combination to do this. Newer PC's may have this feature locked out.

Once booted you can use the Browser or Command Line to download Ground Control.

From a command line:

cd /maslow


Unzip the downloaded file (unzip command)

cd to the directory with GroundControl


All the other prerequisites are setup in the image you are starting with.

To use Ground Control you will navigate to the Directory you have ground control in and use the following command:

sudo python

This is the quickest way I know to get a self contained system to run Ground Control.

Note at this time this is only for controlling the Maslow. You will need the Arduino IDE to load Firmware. This was designed for for people using Windows or another older PC with an OS having Kivy issues such as not recognizing Open GL 2. These users have normally already installed the Ardunio IDE and programmed the Firmware on the Maslow Shield before running into the Kivy issue.

If you need further assistance please contact us from here:

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Page last modified on April 14, 2018, at 01:20 PM EST