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Launch Pad is a 3 Smart Power Sockets and a Raspberry Pi and space for a Maslow Controller
This makes a 1 piece unit that gives total control of the Maslow.

Please see the safety section towards the bottom !!! It's a requirement to access the download files.

Launch Pad files were successfully converted to Gcode from .DFX using the following.

CAM notes -


I was able to download and use this unlicensed. I suggest it's worth the price to support it.


Vcarve pro requires a licensed version. The trial version only works with their trial files. Vcarve Pro is a paid application , the Demo will allow you to test the program but not save any of your own Gcode. It's listed here as a reference of an application that can properly process the files.

I was unable to get Makercam to make good Gcode from a converted version of a SVG version of the files. I can be done by altering the design files.

It is possible to make the basic elements with a 1/4 inch bit. To get all the details in the files you will need a 1/8th or 1/16th bit. This represents a significant increase in the amount of time needed and complexity in tool changes. To do the basic Design with the 1/4 inch bit skip the smaller drill operations in the dowel holes. In fact after thinking about it I would only do the dowel holes in the module for the Raspberry Pi. This means you can use Kiri alone to generate Gcode.

The groves in the Side file are meant to leave .125 of material - I left a bit more .13 inches.


From .stl files

This worked well from the perspective of the basic shapes. It dose do a weird unneeded pass at the end of the files.

Ultimately the rectangular cuts from Kiri were the cleanest but it had problems with drilling operations so I made a Drilling op in Estlcam and then executed the Kiri cuts right after using the same home point.

I manually ended the Kiri cuts once it started the "Unneeded passes". I call it unneeded because it just lifts the bit and moves over the entire volume of the cut without touching the wood after that. As an example on the side file it was completed at 17% the rest of the time was the hovering maneuver.

File location -

Where are the files? We developed a sub site for file down load after going to press.

This is the new location:

We felt it was a necessary step. We apologies for the inconvenience.

NON US users -

I found these sockets:

I believe you could alter the Front file to accommodate these in this project.

Parts -

Power inlet

Power Cord

Tripp Lite Standard Computer Power Cord 10A,18AWG (NEMA 5-15P to IEC-320-C13) 15-ft.(P006-015)


Teflon Tube (note: this was that same price as a single teflon tube)


16 AWG wire

Plastidip Liquid Tape

Things like glue, hand tools, masking tape are beyond the scope of this parts list.


  • Electrical Safety ***

"Hey your kind of over doing the safety thing aren't you?" - Yes I believe in giving you all the information I can about how to be safe.

The disclaimer:

This is working with household voltage on AC Current. Miss handling can lead to injury or death and other catastrophic events.

I will do my best to explain some simple concepts to working safely within this project. It is incumbent upon you to gauge your level of competence and ability to work safely with these products. If you donít feel comfort with working with the information presented do not proceed until you either contact us for help and have fully communicated with us, or seek advice from a local expert.

Warning - Never operate a power strip plugged into a power strip. For safety while testing this project we will suggest using a quality power strip in line incase something is wrong the inline power strip will offer some protection. This is for testing purposes only, never for normal operation.

While the following information will touch on the basics of household wiring it is beyond the scope of this article to cover the full concept of the different wiring of options in housing. For this you should consult a local expert such as and electrician or electrical contractor.

here are reference to electrical practices:

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